Source: Northern Lights

Susie's bubble doesn't look like its even close to bursting. 
.. & who could forget that we got to meet her as she posed for us back in May at Australian Fashion Week. Always pushing the fashion boundaries, but nevertheless flawless in her mix-up of bold prints, paisley and Phillip Lim bag, the girl's still killin' it.
We all know 'tis the season for mixing bold prints with.. you guessed it, more bold prints, if we have taught you anything it should be exactly that! Just to back us up Stella McCartney SS12' showed us exactly how it's done with a paisley overload.. Maybe a bit too much, we're still not sure?

Source: Garance Dore
So to help you out we created our own take on this new found love for mix print + paisley dressing. What's important here is that you give it a try & make it your own just like Miss Bubble.. of course its optional but we highly recommend you have a go!
Good luck kid.
(Chloe Blouse, Ksubi shorts, Lanvin belt, Eddie loafer, Karen Walker sunglasses,Pamela Love necklace, 3.1 Phillip Lim tote)