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House of Wilde by Alice McCall

One of our all time favourite Aussie designers, Alice McCall, has just launched her first diffusion label, House of Wilde to run in competition with her other (more expensive) eponymous label. It seems one was just not enough from this ever growing designer/stylist/all-round creative genius. Bringing her 10 years of experience to the new label named after her daughter, she is still creating those soft, loose shapes in a earthy, natural colour palette you would expect from Alice McCall.. 

We highly recommend you check out this one!


ASOS...killin' it in Oz

Sooo.. we've been shopping on ASOS for over a year now.. not sure if we were late to jump on this massive e-tailor's bandwagon or early, however, Australia is now ASOS's biggest market outside of the UK! We are buying enough product to fill two jumbo jets each week...
How amazing is that! It has sparked the opening of our own online section of the site which makes it easier to make purchases and returns and has everything sized with our sizing codes. The free shipping makes the online shopping at ASOS just that much more fun. The women's fashion director, Caren Downie and her menswear equivalent, John Mooney discuss..


The latest purchase on ASOS.. probably currently on one of those two jumbo jets..
Can't wait for them to arrive!


tis' the season to shop online..

RE-STOCKED and online now!

 You only have until next Wednesday the 21st to get your order in for Christmas.

Get in quick.. all pieces available from the online store here




Source: Pedestriantv.com, Oh Johnny

Finally, the UK mega highstreet store has opened its flagship store in Melbourne. This has really been the year for the international brands to get their act together and include our country in their repertoire. So excited for our next trip to Melbourne now.. might have to book some flights soon! Fingers crossed that they will open up stores on every corner of Sydney, just like it is in London!


Little Moss

Lottie Moss Kate Moss Andrea Carter Bowman
Lottie Moss Kate Moss Andrea Carter Bowman
Lottie Moss Kate Moss Andrea Carter Bowman

Lottie Moss by Andrea Carter-Bowman

The modeling debut of Lottie Moss, yes you guessed it, Kate Moss' little half-sister.. Never knew she had a little sister that look this good? Well, frankly, neither did we!!

So it seems that the Moss family have hit the gene jackpot. The proof is in the pudding, that is, Kate Moss, obviously, and the 13-year-old Lottie whose looks are beyond her years her first photo-shoot by Andrea Carter-Bowman. She sparked a fashion frenzy after she was spotted as Kate's bridesmaid earlier this year and agencies have been lining up to snap up the young beauty.