ASOS...killin' it in Oz

Sooo.. we've been shopping on ASOS for over a year now.. not sure if we were late to jump on this massive e-tailor's bandwagon or early, however, Australia is now ASOS's biggest market outside of the UK! We are buying enough product to fill two jumbo jets each week...
How amazing is that! It has sparked the opening of our own online section of the site which makes it easier to make purchases and returns and has everything sized with our sizing codes. The free shipping makes the online shopping at ASOS just that much more fun. The women's fashion director, Caren Downie and her menswear equivalent, John Mooney discuss..


The latest purchase on ASOS.. probably currently on one of those two jumbo jets..
Can't wait for them to arrive!


  1. Im itching to order something! lol


  2. ..this site really becomes an issue! haha but an issue that I love

    T x