Source: 5 inch and up, stockhom streetstyle, a pair and a spare, my blomquist

All black with a pop could we say of neutral. Such a sleek and stylish look and the neutral breaks up the dullness of the black. 



Photos taken by r&h

A Saturday night of sangria, friends and good music helped to wash away our winter woes. 
Nothing better.

Enjoy your Sunday lovers.


Add to wish list

(Reed Karakoff Dress, Chloe shoes & bag)

The outfit we wish we were wearing this weekend to our Saturday afternoon BBQ of sangria and old friends.
Burgundy it seems is the new colour to be seen carrying this coming summer & this bag by Chloe wins messenger bag of the season in our books.

Happy Friday.


come out of the shade

Fanny packs, hawaiian shirts, kitten heels, visors.. All fashion trends fighting for top rank on our "what not to do.." list.

Looks like change is in the air this season after seeing this photo from Balenciaga Resort 2012 collection.. Excuse us as we dust off our fashion archive box and dig deep for that see through yellow visor we wore to our thirteenth birthday party...

Here's to finding an outfit to match.


copy cat

Source: Olsens Anonymous

Mary-Kate and Ashley have their bag-lady chic down to a tee.
There is something so incredibly raw and just.. normal, about this photo of our fave twins. The fact that they are both sitting the exact same way makes this photo almost amusing and all the more intriguing to look at.


one of our own

Source: tahti

Look at the talent our country has produced.
This photo is absolutely stunning of our Abbey Lee Kershaw.





This 10 year old baby faced model has hit the gene jackpot, being blessed with the face that make women all over the globe squirm with jealously. Barely having hit the double-digits, la petite francaise Thylane Blondeau has a career that most models would only dream of.. and that's without mentioning what she's got to give in the years ahead.

life's a beach

We finally have our hands on the images that were promised here from the Seventh Wonderland Spring 11/12 campaign.

Worth every second of the wait.


bonds goes blogging

Bonds has been looking in all the right places for inspiration recently calling on local blogger slash photographer slash model slash general-creative-genius Zanita to shoot their recent 'feel the colour' summer campaign.

Miss Zanita Whittington is the quintessential new age 'slashie', dabbling in everything she can seem to try her hand at. We give her 2 thumbs up for the projects she has been producing of late and this one is no exception.

This shoot is so not what we would usually expect of a BONDS campaign but it just so happens we dig it..



Aymeline Valade shot by Will Davidson for Russh #41



Source: JAK&JIL, The Sartorialist

You would have to agree that there is just something extra special about the style of an Italiana. 
Giovanna Battaglia's skills are up there with the best of them. There seems to just be a certain extra 'thing' that we can't put our finger on that Italian women are able to pull off that the rest of the world can't do in the same way. 

We'd love to be able to emulate these looks, but without having a skerrick of Italian blood flowing through either of our veins, we feel we would have a bit of trouble with it. All the same, we love living vicariously through Giovanna's wardrobe!


hold up hold up.. CELINE say whaaaa?

Source: theyallhateus

La-la-loveeee this bag. Stunning as ever. 
..and the colour, we die..
So unbelievably amazing we're breaking open those piggy banks
and collaborating funds!