birthday punches

So I guess I should start by saying that today I am in fact the birthday gal, and given the freedom of doing what ever it is I like on the celebration of my day of birth I am going to flip the switch & write my very first personal Rose&Ham post. Mostly I’m just going to dedicate this post to the nine inspirational women you see above, including my partner in crime/getaway car driver/co-blogger Tessa (aka Ham).

To avoid feeling overly depressed about my growing of age I invited over my nearest and dearest yesterday to share a day of cocktails, laughs & (questionable) food. Sometimes I wonder if fate had dealt me a different hand what my life would be like without the likes of everyone of them. I’m sure these crazy kids would be just as talented and successful without me but would I be the same without them?

Lets make an imaginary toast to my favourite ladies & my true loves, thanks for making the day one to remember.

Kristi Rose

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