HERMÈS: toujours chic


Sources: they all hate us, keron, katy kulak, candles and couture, vogue.it

Its no wonder that Hermès goods are one of the most sought after luxury products by women and men around the world. With their rare materials, precious metals and each piece hand-stitched, Hermès is the epitome of class. One bag, made of leathers from crocodile, alligator, buffalo, shark, lizard and ostrich, can take up to 24 hours of hand crafted work to finish. 

Ah-mazing. Ah-mazing. Ah-mazing. 

We want one of each type of bag, scarf, belt, watch, perfume, cuff... and if we had a horse, we'd want one of their custom made saddles for it too! But that's just being greedy, right? Maybe just a Birkin ..... or a wrap watch... 

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