Calling all RAFW goers..

It’s almost that time of year again.
The official schedule was finally released this week for
 Rosemount Australian Fashion Week 
 Cue the Australian fash pack with their bronzed limbs and 6-inch heels pounding the pavement around Circular Quay. The week is going to be a fun filled one with many sightings of the insanely spruced up girls of the Australian magazine industry, fashion forward celebrities and fellow bloggers.

The best part about fashion week is seeing the Australian talent killing it on the world stage!

Rosemount Australian Fashion Week
2011 Program

Monday - 2 May
9.00 Zimmermann, off-site
10.00 Bec&Bridge, the OPT
11.00 Alex Perry, the Cargo Theatre
12.00 Arnsdorf, the OPT
1.00 Kirrily Johnston, off-site
2.30 Morrison, the Cargo Theatre
4.30 Friend of Mine, the Cargo Theatre
5.30 Flannel, the OPT
6.30 Karla Spetic, the Cargo Theatre
7.30 Gail Sorronda, the OPT
8.30 Lover, off-site

Tuesday - 3 May
9.00 Therese Rawsthorne, off-site
10.00 Rachel Gilbert, the OPT
11.00 Sara Phillips, the Cargo Theatre
12.00 Little Joe, the OPT
1.00 Manning Cartell, off-site
2.30 Miss Unkon, the Cargo Theatre
4.30 Nookie, the Cargo Theatre
5.30 Carl Kapp, the OPT
6.30 Amber&Thomas, the Cargo Theatre
7.30 Marni Skillings, the OPT
8.30 Kate Sylvester, off-site

Wednesday - 4 May
9.00 Lisa Ho, off-site
10.00 Talulah, the OPT
11.00 Magdalena Velevska, the Cargo Theatre
12.00 Shakuhachi, the OPT
1.00 Fernando Frisoni, off-site
2.30 Michael Lo Sordo, the Cargo Theatre
4.30 Bianca Spender, the Cargo Theatre
5.30 Dhini, the OPT
6.30 Gary Bigeni, the Cargo Theatre
7.30 Alice Mcall, the OPT
8.30 Camilla and Marc, off-site

Thursday - 5 May
9.00 Dion Lee, off-site
10.00 White Suede, the OPT
11.00 Yeojin Bae, the Cargo Theatre
12.00 TAFE group show - Anna Wescott, Charlotte O'Carrigan, Emma Mulholland, Leah Hibbert
1.00 Ellery, off-site
2.30 Lisa Blue, the Cargo Theatre
3.30 Kooey, the OPT
4.30 Limedrop, the Cargo Theatre
6.30 The Stolen Girlfriends Club,
7.30 Alistair Trung, the OPT
8.30 Josh Goot, off-site

Friday - 6 May
9.00 Toni Maticevski, off-site
10.00 Lisa Maree, the OPT
11.00 Ms Couture, the Cargo Theatre
12.00 Group show - Crystal Tsoi, Illuminati, Peggy Hartanto, Nosnim, The Prodigal Son, Zhigang
1.00 Saint Augustine Academy, the Cargo Theatre
2.30 Group show - Arj Selvam, Christopher Dobosz, Mok Theorem, Paper Skye, Poppy Lissiman
3.30 Christopher Esber, the Cargo Theatre
4.30 Group show - Daniela Stephanie, Saniella Caputi, Del Playa Drive, Jamie Lee, Virginie Lynn
5.30 Bowie, the Cargo Theatre

Can't wait to see what the next couple of weeks brings!



  1. love it


  2. note: must remember to bronze my limbs!
    haha - can't wait, i'm so excited!


  3. Sara!! hahaha the things we do.. i'm getting excited - will I see you there?